📰Cosmik Finance Overview

Cosmik Finance is an auto-staking and auto-compounding protocol in BSC that focuses on 2 key ethos; Sustainability and Credibility. We have measures in place to ensure both of these ethos are carried out to the highest level including the implementation of a Dynamik Tax and Dynamik APY; the first token in BSC to do so. Making this an ideal long-term investment for all. Please refer to Key Differentiators to understand how are we different from the pack. Our Purpose We are here to revolutionize how traditional auto-staking protocol functions via 1. Setting a new trend with a new meta - Dynamik APY 2. Omnichannel marketing that are practised in real world 3. Lowering the barrier of entry into Crypto via our utilities 4. Proving how protocols can be sustainable

Security + Credibility KYC 1: https://rugdoc.io/project/cosmik-finance/ KYC 2: https://github.com/TheGemPad/GemPadOfficial/blob/main/KYC-Certificates/CosmikFinance_KYC_GemPad.pdf Audit 1: https://solidity.finance/audits/CosmikFinance/ Audit 2: https://rugdoc.io/project/cosmik-finance/ *Cosmik Finance is double KYC-ed and double-audited.

Socials Website: https://www.cosmikfinance.com Discord: https://discord.com/invite/CosmikFinance Twitter: https://twitter.com/CosmikFinance *All official communication are via our discord ONLY. We do not have any official global telegram groups. Contracts: Cosmik Finance: 0x7509DB061C45e8EcEb01739D104f78F85eF22Dbf Cosmik Wrapped: 0xD3Ca11Db4b95F731C3082a3995428128a48b7Fb7

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